Fast, Fresh, Safe

Food By Rail Logistics is adding managed-capacity via rail to the food industry, featuring transit time and pricing that is truck competitive.

We are a third party logistics (3PL) firm that will collaborate with customers to identify their needs and expectations—as well as specific origin and destination points—to create a logistics plan for perishable products.

Long-haul refrigerated railcars and local trucking will be fully integrated, including direct loading and unloading at customer facilities. An end-to-end seamless TMS system will provide real-time product monitoring while in transit, through to consignee.

New temperature-controlled transload facilities to be operated by Food By Rail will enhance the efficiencies of expedited rail service, giving our clients the ability to distribute products to multiple customers without warehouse handling and delay.

Food By Rail Logistics offers:

—Safe and reliable transportation

—High-capacity railcars for greater efficiency and cost savings

—Seamless inventory visibility and management

—Reduced carbon footprint

Our railcars hold up to four truckloads!

Food By Rail Logistics is managed and operated by a team of experienced food and rail shipping experts. Our rail-based system surpasses traditional trucking services.

Transform your supply chain, and give your customers a competitive edge with the green solutions from Food By Rail Logistics.

Here’s how it works.

Contact Food By Rail Logistics as you would any other 3PL or carrier, and we’ll set up your shipments. From point of origin to final destination, your perishable products will be delivered to your customers just as you expect, but at a lower cost and with lower carbon emissions.

Keep track as your shipment moves through our secure and safe cold chain. You will have complete visibility along the way.

Information technology systems monitor and control the temperature of your shipment every step of the way. You’ll know where all your shipments are at any time with advanced on-board GPS technology.

Relax! Our rail partners are dedicated to delivering your shipments with high reliability and schedules that are competitive with truck delivery.

See the results as your customers enjoy the more efficient and greener service with Food By Rail. Just one of our high-tech refrigerated railcars carries the equivalent of up to four truckloads of your perishable food products.

Reduce your costs and capture more market share when you choose Food By Rail as your supply chain partner.